TEC Mailing Solutions is a provider of web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) tools to the address hygiene and mailing industry. TEC’s tools and services allow companies and end users to leverage technologies, traditionally only found as a desktop or server based solution, through the internet.

TEC’s n+1 web services design can virtual be consumed into any programing platform, allow the application to manage everything from user creation to credit card payments. The SOAP\XML communications allow developers to create a custom interface or leverage TEC’s commonly used web interfaces. Payment for these services can be provisioned as either pay-as-you-go or annualized subscriptions.

At the core of everything TEC Mailing Solutions provides are services managed by a group of industry professionals that understand the ins and outs of the mailing, printing, and distribution industries. This experience has allowed TEC to provide streamlined, easy-to-use services that employ some of the industry’s most powerful tools without complicating it for the end user.

Whether you incorporate our web services into your “lights out” application, utilize our professional resources, or consume the services via integrated third party software, TEC Mailing Solution’s focus delivers better results with greater efficiency.

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