Mailing Systems Technology lists TEC Mailing Solutions as a 2013 Hot Company!

Hot would be one way to describe TEC Mailing Solutions array of hosted platforms, although “on fire” would be more accurate.  Organizations seeking to improve their list processing functions would be advised to consider hosted solutions, and TEC is the clear industry leader. 

So what’s so hot about hosted?  Greater profitability to the end user!  Expensive add-ons, constant updates and changes to postal regulations are no longer burdensome; couple this with workflow improvements and the savings can exceed the cost of the service.  Since traditional applications require data transfer over the internet to process NCOA, there is literally no downside to going hosted, making it impossible to justify the continued use of legacy applications.

TEC’s hosted platforms span the market space.  TECAgora® centralizes list processing functions for multi- location commercial printers with robust enterprise capability.  Those seeking a “lights out” operation will never outgrow TEC’s Web Services API, the most capable API in the industry.  With the addition of MailPreparer®, TEC brings a new breed of extremely easy to use and affordable solutions that are perfect for those who would like to add direct mail to their offerings.        

Innovation leaders are taking note too, Ricoh among others, have recently signed with TEC to provide the next generation of mailing solutions.  TEC is an exceptional fit for business savvy vendors that are continually seeking to add value by offering technology that reduce risk and increase profitability to their partners.

What’s going to keep TEC hot?  TEC’s organizational goal is the elimination of traditional list processing.  This can be achieved by consuming the services through production tool sets like VPD, W2P and/or MIS via TEC’s Web Services API.  Operational efficiency can be obtained by simply turning on the functionality, and no longer requires a budget or team of integrators to pull it off.

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