EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing)

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing)

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®), is a program the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) created to make direct mail more affordable, especially for small business. It eliminates the need for a mailing list and permit and the postage is significantly reduced – less than half the cost of a postage stamp!  TEC Mailing Solutions provides tools in MailPreparer® (www.MailPreparer.com) that allow you to produce either Retail or BMEU (Commerical) EDDM mailings easily and with all of the required USPS and manufacturing paperwork completely filled out for you.

Here are some of the most common questions about EDDM:


EDDM Questions and Answers
Do I need a Mailing Permit? None, Pay at counter (Credit Card, Cash, or Check) Bulk Mailing Permit Required
Do I need an Indicia on the Piece? Yes, Retail EDDM Indicia Yes, Existing Permit Indicia
Where do I delivery and Pay? Retail counter at your local Post Office Business Mail Entry Unit at Post Office where Permit is held
What is the Rate? 3.3oz and less Flat = $0.176 each 3.3oz and less Flat at DDU = $0.154 each (See rate table for other options)
Do I have to put pieces in bundles? Yes, 50-100 pieces in each bundle Not higher than 6 inches Yes, 50-100 pieces in each bundle Not higher than 6 inches
Is there a limit to how many pieces I can mail? Yes, 5000 pieces per Zipcode per day No limit
What are the dimensions of a Flat? Flat Dimensions Flat Dimensions
How can I get more information about EDDM? EDDM Retail Fact Sheet EDDM BMEU Fact Sheet
Additional Postal Information\Details USPS DMM 140 USPS DMM 140
EDDM Quick Reference Guide USPS EDDM Quick Reference Guide  

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Simplified Mailings

Saturation mailings that are being presented to each residential home or delivery box on a rural or contract route.  These mailings are prepared similar to EDDM mailings but can be a a letter shape piece or a flat.  There are restrictions on mailing letter size simplified mailings to PO boxes and City Carrier Routes.  Refeer to the USPS DMM before performing one of these mailings.  USPS DMM 602.3.2

MailPreparer® can facilitate the data for a simplified mailing to either the rural or city routes.  It is your obligation to make sure that you aare meeting all of the USPS conditions.  

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