Non-Profit Organizations

Your benefactors are your biggest asset and reaching them during capital campaigns is vital to the success of your organization.  TEC has the tools to help your organization overcome unique challenges present in many non-profits; helping you receive the highest ROI on your capital campaigns.

  • Larger non-profits can standardize and implement sophisticated features found in TEC’s Web services API
  • Point of entry validation
  • Address correction and standardization
  • Access the National Change of Address database
  • Presort and produce IM Barcodes to receive the greatest automation and saturation discounts 
  • Is your non-profit on a limited budget with volunteer staff that is often under trained? 
  • MailListCleaner has your back – use it every year and your data will never stale – keep you capital campaigns growing year after year
  • MailPreparer can do all the address hygiene of MailListCleaner but also has the ability to presort your mailing for the lowest cost automation and saturation discounts. 
  • Unique demands targeted solutions

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