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Address Hygiene and Presort Solutions

IM Sort
Powered by BCC technology - IM Sort ( provides an easy to use, cost effective solution to clean, update, and sort name and address files to be prepared for mailings.  This web-based wizard solution provides you the power of BCC technology and does more than free or other low-end solutions, yet provided in a low pay-as-you-go or annual subscription model. Learn more»


Workflow Automation

Enfocus Switch Workflow
TEC's WS API provides a streamlined, icon-based system uses a “drag & drop” user interface to build custom workflows, utilizing standard functions to expedite processes for U.S. name and address data. By simplifying and automating repeatable processes, Enfocus customers have increased quality and productivity while reducing operational time and costs.

Solimar Systems

The partnership provides high volume mailers to extend Solimar’s ability to combine like work into a single ganged production, producing print runs with great postal efficiency.  The TEC Mailing integration takes the concept a step further with these industry   firsts:
• True postal optimization; TEC’s output can be driven by business rules to parse mailing for direct present and comingle output with a single pass of data.
• Cloud based processing;  end-to-end mail-processing, USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified, presorting, de-duping and more.
• Modern architecture, all data directories centrally updated, no more need to update CASS™ and presort directories



Virtual Systems’ award-winning Midnight is a cloud-based print MIS software for print, mail, and fulfillment operations. With powerful dashboards and rich APIs, companies can easily control all facets of the business. The revolutionary technology allows companies to leverage all their investments to gain a competitive edge and ultimately please customers.Learn More »

Docket Manager

Leading Web Enabled MIS and Web to Print, built by printers for printers.


Postal Optimization

Pitney Bowes Presort Services
Pitney Bowes Presort Services offers world-class mail processing services that deliver postage savings and delivery efficiencies for business mailers of all sizes. PrimeSort, powered by TEC Mailing Solutions, evaluates your mailing files to determine the best qualification scenario to optimize postal costs, choose between, comingling, direct present or both through the hybrid option. Learn More »


Web to Print

Marcom Central from PTI
The premier marketing on demand solution that empowers your sales team to produce marketing pieces through an online corporate marketing portal. Learn More »

EFI Digital StoreFront® from EFI
EFI Digital StoreFront® is the award-winning flexible eCommerce solution that offers the industry-leading print buyer experience designed to win new business, acquire new customers and grow your existing business.

OnPrintShopTM Web-to-Print-Storefront

OnPrintShop Web-to-Print Solutions are recognized as very simple to use and respected for personalized support to maximize success. The company’s client base includes Small Print Shops to a few of the Largest printers in North America, Asia & Europe.

VDP Variable Data Print

FlexMail from Flex Systems
 Flex Mail is a variable data design and printing solution that lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer. Learn More »


Document Processing and Enhancement

Flex Stream
A document processing solution, that lets you add scan codes to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing. Learn More »

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CRM app store
Clean your CRM data leveraging TEC’s Web Services API in real time. Learn More »


Technology Partners

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