Data Quality

Data quality has never been more important to the success of your organization.  Inaccurate data entry, non-updated change of address, duplicates and stale CRM data may contribute to a significant loss. In fact, poor and\or inaccurate data is estimated to cost $600 billion dollars a year for US businesses. Put in terms of your individual business; you can expect 10-25% of your data to have inaccuracies. TEC Mailing Solutions can help your organization get greater return by increasing the value of your data.

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There are several aspects of data quality that you may be concerned with, name, address, telephone email, cell, social media etc. We concentrate on the foundational aspects: name and address. These components are vital to the overall quality of your data. Precise name and address data will allow you to accurately append other data your organization may rely on to communicate with your clients and prospects. Without accurate name and address data your efforts to append data will fall short of expectations and end up costing your organization valuable time and resources.

There are several solutions available to update your name and address data and their results vary widely. In fact, you can see firsthand how poor some of these services preform utilizing the USPS’s return address service.

Data quality is a process and it begins with the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). After CASS, the data can be matched against the National Change of Address (NCOALink) database, providing move information for individuals, families, and businesses. CASS is often referred to as address standardization or zip plus 4 coding and has to do with structures: homes, apartments, buildings, etc. Most people are concerned with the individuals that live and work in those structures; which is why the NCOALink process is so important but it also relies heavily on standardization and data appending from CASS. We leverage the CASS engine from SAP which has proven to be the best in the industry, without proper postal data provided by the CASS process, the NCOA process will return less matches. To learn more about CASS and what “CASS Certified” means visit USPS RIBBS, even the USPS® will tell you all CASS Certified software are not equal.

*If your data is vital to the success of your organization do not risk cleansing it without using a high-end CASS engine like one provided by SAP. There are other service providers you can choose that use high-end CASS engines like SAP, make sure to ask.

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