Integrated Partners

Integration with third party software solutions is the foundational to our goals; allowing us to bring far greater value to the clients we serve.

Many leading software vendors share this philosophy and have chosen to augment their solutions using our Web Services API. This allows users to streamline their workflow, reducing their labor and software expenses. We’ve maintained our affordable subscriptions and pay-as-you-go pricing as an embedded function so there’s no financial downside to working smarter. What’s more, these blended solutions enjoy all the advantages of TEC’s Software as a Service model without giving up functionality of client side software, like driving an onsite press.

Web to Print

Marcom Central from PTI
The premier marketing on demand solution that empowers your sales team to produce marketing pieces through an online corporate marketing portal. Learn More »

DIY Web Services API
Many clients build their own custom apps suited to their specific needs.

Variable Data Printing

The industry-leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution that brings template design, data file definition; business logic and print-stream creation together into one cross-platform program to produce personalized printed materials. Learn More »

Flex Mail
A variable data design and printing solution that lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer. Learn More »

Document processing and enhancement

Flex Steam
A document processing solution, that lets you add scan codes to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing. Learn More »

CRM app store
Clean your CRM data leveraging TEC’s Web Services API in real time. Learn More »

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