Mail is a significant part of the communication fabric of businesses throughout the world.  For businesses that utilize the mail regularly, keeping the postage rates as low as possible is critical.  A clean and accurate mailing list is vital to the success of any mailing, however, the sortation and grouping of name and address data is critical to controlling expenses.  TEC Mailing Solutions provides a wide array of tools to easily help any size business meet these requirements.

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Historically, businesses utilizing mail had three options to sort their mailing lists – allowing them to save on postage: Traditional Mailing List Service Bureaus, Presort Services (Co-mingles), and Expensive server or desktop based presort software.  Each of these options had their respective benefits and downsides.  In all cases there were extreme tradeoffs between costs, control, time, and overall efficiencies.

With the introduction of the USPS “Move Update” requirements (2008), solutions providers began to morph.  New requirements for mail owners to update their mailing lists in order to obtain the lowest possible postage rates drove change.  Desktop software applications became reliant on the internet to upload and download mailing lists to perform change of address functions; however, clung to their expensive server/client side software models which required annual maintenance contracts.  This has unnecessarily driven up the cost to the end-user; creating a significant win/lose gap between vendor and client.

The future of mailing solution is here today:

Consumers and businesses perform transactions everyday via the internet; including, email, banking, customer relation management (CRM), and accounting online through Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.  The constant need for updated information and the national change of address data base are a prime example of the benefits of the Software as a Service model.  In fact, list processing is one of the few industries reliant of service bureaus that still provision desktop/server applications.  Nearly every industry has made the shift to SaaS requiring service bureaus; financial and legal are excellent examples. The benefits are so obvious server/desktop applications don’t even exist today, Reuters and Wolters Kluwer provide all of their service bureau solutions via a SaaS model; this is how list processing should be!

TEC Mailing Solutions has been an early pioneer in the development and distribution of address hygiene and presort services through the SaaS model, providing address hygiene and presort solutions via a wide range of interfaces.  Our solutions and tools are designed to improve your performance, reduce your IT requirements, and deliver an outcome that saves you and/or your clients the greatest amount of postage while simultaneously reducing your costs.

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