About TEC Mailing Solutions

Originally founded in 2008 to serve the mailing and distribution industries, TEC has evolved into a premier SaaS (Software as a Solution) provider to a range of industries. Our solutions make complex business problems simple, increase efficiencies, and lower capital expenses.

TEC’s tools and services allow companies and end users to leverage breakthrough technologies via the internet. Whether you incorporate our web services into your “lights out” application, utilize our professional resources, or consume the services via integrated third-party software, you’ll achieve better results with greater efficiency.



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Cloud Technology’s Universal Appeal

Still on the fence about the cloud? Try this: think of all the legacy software your company has to maintain. It’s expensive, onerous, and time consuming. From a business perspective, it’s burdensome and fraught with complications. Your IT department is likely overloaded with ongoing updates and training. Are your IT capabilities at their limit?

Cloud technology removes challenges inherent in desktop software.

By moving from desktop to cloud, your company gets greater flexibility, enhanced security, and more stability.

In 2020, more than 50% of organizations moved their workloads to the cloud. Enterprises continue to embrace multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies and are increasing spend with vendors across the board.

(Source: Flexera)

The primary reason most organizations adopt cloud technology is cost-cutting. On top of that, cloud solutions offer your company new features and capabilities. And it means you no longer have to invest in infrastructure or hiring additional IT staff.

94% of enterprises already use a cloud service.

(Source: Hosting Tribunal)

TEC’s Solutions Are Super Easy to Use, Just As Secure

You have a choice of how you want to consume TEC’s solutions – via browsers or embedded in your workflow with an API. Either way, our solutions are super easy to use, and we keep making them easier. There’s zero training on your end. Access our solutions 24/7 from any platform, anywhere in the world. Such flexibility can only be achieved with cloud services. Constantly updating software? That’s our job, not yours.

From a privacy standpoint, your data’s security is our top priority.

Our cloud technologies are 100% Microsoft Azure hosted. The data is encrypted in transit and when data is at rest. Tight access controls log every instance data may be accessed for support and those who don’t have authorization can’t access a thing. The uptime, availability and security of our platforms and services are 100% secure and redundant. There are also security layers through a variety of different platforms.

We’re a software solutions provider that provides cutting-edge cloud technology designed to power the world’s mail and parcels.

By focusing on the quality of your data, we make sure you have the accurate information needed for you to reach customers and prospects.

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