Why Fulfillment Providers and 3PLs Need a Solution for USPS Market Dominant Products: Unleashing Savings and Efficiency

Why Fulfillment Providers Need a Solution for USPS Market Dominant Products - TEC Mailing Solutions

With rising shipping costs, 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) and fulfillment providers are under increasing pressure to offer cost-effective solutions that meet diverse client needs. USPS market dominant products, particularly Presorted Flats, Bound Printed Matter, and Marketing Mail, present a valuable opportunity for savings and efficiency. However, these service offerings require a solution that is geared toward market USPS dominant bulk mail services, which are not generally offered by PC Postage providers and popular shipping platforms. 

This is where TEC Mailing comes in, offering the simplest and most cost-effective way for fulfillment providers and 3PLs to fully support these critical USPS market dominant products for their clients. In this article, we will explore why every 3PL and fulfillment provider needs to utilize services like presorted Flats, Marketing Mail, Bound Printed Matter and other USPS services to unlock significant savings and meet growing demands for the lowest cost shipping services available. 

The Current Landscape of USPS Services in Fulfillment

Most fulfillment providers and 3PLs depend heavily on a PC Postage Provider for their USPS labeling services. These providers typically only offer USPS competitive products, like Priority Mail and Ground Advantage, which may suffice for some clients but fall short in several critical areas. The primary limitation is their lack of support for key USPS market dominant products such as Presorted Flats, Marketing Mail, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, and Library Mail.

This gap in service offerings creates several challenges for fulfillment providers:

  • Increased Shipping Costs
    • Without access to more cost-effective USPS services, fulfillment providers are often forced to use pricier alternatives, driving up overall shipping expenses for their clients.
    • Higher shipping costs can erode profit margins and make it difficult for fulfillment providers to offer competitive pricing and retain the clients who want to leverage USPS market dominant services.

  • Limited Service Flexibility
    • The inability to provide a full range of USPS services restricts the options available to clients, who may need diverse shipping solutions tailored to their specific needs.
    • Clients seeking to use USPS for specific shipping requirements, such as bulk marketing materials or educational media, may find their options limited. Worse yet, they might be forced to find a new fulfillment provider that does support their required services.

  • Operational Inefficiencies
    • Relying on PC Postage Providers that do not support a comprehensive range of USPS products can lead to fragmented shipping processes. This fragmentation can cause inefficiencies, delays, and increased manual handling.

  • Client Dissatisfaction
    • As clients increasingly seek cost-effective and versatile shipping options, the inability to meet these demands can lead to dissatisfaction and potentially result in the loss of business to competitors who offer a more comprehensive suite of services.
    • Clients value flexibility and efficiency in their logistics partners. Failing to provide a complete range of USPS services can tarnish a fulfillment provider’s reputation for reliability and responsiveness.

  • Missed Revenue Opportunities
    • The lack of support for USPS market dominant products means many fulfillment providers miss out on the opportunity to attract clients who specifically require these services. This oversight can limit business growth and expansion into new markets.
    • Adding support for these services creates new upselling opportunities with your existing clients. Most companies that outsource their shipping and logistics would prefer to utilize a single provider for all their needs, as opposed to sending USPS market dominant shipments through one provider and small parcel shipments through another provider.

By addressing these gaps in service, fulfillment providers can reduce costs and improve efficiency, while also enhancing client satisfaction and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. This makes the integration of comprehensive USPS support for market dominant products a necessary evolution for any forward-thinking fulfillment providers.

USPS Market Dominant Products Explained

Understanding the value of USPS market dominant products is crucial for fulfillment providers and 3PLs aiming to enhance their service offerings:

  • USPS Flats and Presorted Flats
    • Cost-effective for sending high volumes.
    • Ensures timely delivery at reduced rates.
    • Ideal for businesses that need to send a large number of documents or lightweight parcels.
  • USPS Marketing Mail
    • Perfect for sending advertising and promotional materials.
    • Helps businesses reach a broader audience affordably.
    • Supports a variety of formats, including letters, flats, and parcels.
  • USPS Bound Printed Matter
    • Provides affordable shipping options for educational and media-related materials.
    • Suitable for books, media content, and educational resources.
    • Offers significant cost savings for businesses in the education and media sectors.

Identifying Qualifying Shipping Volume for USPS Market Dominant Products

To effectively leverage USPS market dominant products, fulfillment providers need to identify qualifying shipping volumes within their existing operations. Recognizing which products meet the criteria for these services can unlock significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. Here’s how fulfillment providers can determine if their shipments qualify:

Understanding Product Qualifications

Presorted Flats

  • Dimensions: Flats must have at least one dimension that is greater than 6-1/8 inches high, 11-1/2 inches long, or 1/4 inch thick.
  • Maximum Size: Flats cannot exceed 12 inches high, 15 inches long, and 3/4 inch thick.
  • Weight: Each flat must weigh less than 16 ounces.
  • Common Examples: Magazines, large envelopes, and catalogues often qualify as flats.

Marketing Mail

  • Types of Mail: Marketing Mail includes advertising and promotional materials, newsletters, bulletins, and other mass communications.
  • Volume Requirements: Generally, Marketing Mail requires a minimum quantity to qualify for bulk rates, which is typically 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail.

Bound Printed Matter

  • Types of Materials: This category includes books, directories, and catalogs that are permanently bound by materials such as staples, spiral binding, glue, or stitching.
  • Weight and Size: Each piece must weigh less than 15 pounds and cannot exceed 108 inches in combined length and girth.

Steps to Identify Qualifying Volumes

  1. Analyze Shipping Data
    • Review historical shipping data to identify packages that meet the dimensional and weight requirements of USPS market dominant products.
    • Utilize shipping software or data analytics tools to filter and categorize shipments based on these criteria.

  2. Segment Product Types
    • Group similar products together based on their shipping characteristics. This helps in understanding which product categories frequently meet the USPS requirements.
    • For instance, separate magazines, catalogs, and promotional materials into distinct categories for easier analysis.

  3. Evaluate Current Practices
    • Assess your current shipping practices to determine how often qualifying products are being shipped using more expensive services.
    • Identify opportunities where switching to USPS market dominant products could lead to immediate cost savings.

  4. Consult with Clients
    • Engage with clients to understand their mailing needs and educate them on the benefits of USPS market dominant products.
    • Propose solutions that can optimize their shipping strategies by leveraging these cost-effective services.

  5. Implement Tracking Systems
    • Set up tracking and monitoring systems to continuously evaluate shipping volumes and ensure that qualifying products are consistently being shipped using the most economical options.
    • Regularly update these systems to reflect any changes in USPS guidelines or client needs.

By systematically identifying and categorizing qualifying shipping volumes, fulfillment providers can maximize the benefits of USPS market dominant products. This strategic approach not only reduces shipping costs but also enhances service offerings, leading to improved client satisfaction and a stronger competitive edge.


The Hidden Costs of Inadequate USPS Support

When fulfillment providers and 3PLs fail to offer comprehensive support for USPS market dominant products, they face a range of hidden costs that can significantly impact their operations and client relationships. These costs extend beyond immediate financial losses and can undermine their long-term success and competitiveness. The lack of comprehensive USPS service support has several detrimental effects on fulfillment providers and 3PLs:

Client Dissatisfaction

  • Growing Demand for USPS Services: Clients are increasingly demanding these USPS services for their shipping needs to take advantage of cost savings and efficiency.
  • Risk of Dissatisfaction and Churn: Inability to offer these services can lead to client dissatisfaction and higher churn rates as clients seek out competitors who can meet their needs.
  • Competitive Pressure: Clients may move to competitors who provide comprehensive USPS solutions, leading to a loss of business and market share.

Revenue Loss

  • Loss of Business Opportunities: Potential loss of business due to the inability to meet client demands, resulting in decreased revenue and growth.
  • Missed Upselling Opportunities: Missed opportunities for upselling additional shipping services that could enhance the 3PL’s value proposition and profitability.
  • Reduced Competitive Edge: The inability to offer a full range of USPS services can reduce a 3PL’s competitive edge in the logistics market, making it harder to attract and retain clients.

The lack of comprehensive USPS support can create a negative feedback loop for fulfillment providers. Client dissatisfaction leads to churn, which in turn results in lost revenue and decreased market competitiveness. Additionally, without these critical USPS services, fulfillment providers miss out on upselling opportunities and the ability to provide a complete suite of shipping solutions. This situation not only hampers growth but also erodes their reputation as a reliable and versatile logistics provider. By failing to address these hidden costs, any fulfillment provider risks falling behind more agile competitors who can better meet the evolving needs of the market.

Addressing these hidden costs requires a strategic approach. TEC Mailing’s easy-to-use MailPreparer portal allows any fulfillment provider or 3PL to provide comprehensive USPS support quickly and without costly custom integration work, ensuring client satisfaction, reducing churn, and capturing additional revenue opportunities. MailPreparer simplifies the technical challenges and positions any company that adopts it as forward-thinking providers capable of meeting the full spectrum of their clients’ shipping needs. MailPreparer is quick and easy to get started with full support for CSV and FTP import. Our team can help you create a quick import map for any files and have you running your first batch of shipments in minutes.

The Technical Challenge of Supporting USPS Market Dominant Products

Supporting USPS market dominant products is no small feat. It often requires significant IT resources and ongoing maintenance. The technical challenge of consuming complex mailing software and maintaining comprehensive USPS address directories is often underestimated and needs constant hand holding. The complexity of the task involves numerous technical hurdles and continuous updates, which can strain resources for even the largest fulfillment providers. Key challenges include:

Complexity of Integration

  • IT Infrastructure: Postal software is typically only available locally on a single PC, adding postal software to a network is often discouraged or not supported.
  • Time-Consuming and Costly support: Postal software needs constant updating and is difficult to maintain.  Postal software is also notoriously difficult to learn and teach, turnover can be a real challenge.
  • Frequent Updates: Changes to the USP network require critical updates.
  • Monthly USPS Updates: USPS server and network updates are rolled out monthly, requiring continuous adaptation to new protocols, security measures, and operational changes.
  • Risk of Service Disruption: The frequent updates pose a risk of service disruption if not managed properly. Any downtime or errors during the update process can lead to significant operational delays and affect client deliveries.

Finding efficient solutions to these technical challenges is crucial for fulfillment providers aiming to support clients that need USPS market dominant products. However, the demands of the initial integration and on-going maintenance can divert valuable resources away from other core business functions. 

This is where MailPreparer comes into play, offering a streamlined solution that alleviates these technical burdens. MailPreparer’s hosted framework can be leveraged in any DC, allowing small fulfillment providers to international logistics providers access to USPS market dominant services across their entire service network with minimal hassle, ensuring continuous compliance and reducing the risk of disruptions. This allows your team to focus on delivering superior service to clients, ultimately enhancing your market competitiveness and operational efficiency. The next section will delve into how TEC Mailing’s hosted solutions help overcome these challenges and the transformative benefits it offers.

TEC Mailing’s Solution

TEC Mailing offers a game-changing solution for fulfillment providers and 3PLs with MailPreparer. This robust software solution removes the need for a costly and time-consuming integration process and provides comprehensive support for USPS market dominant products quickly. Here’s how TEC Mailing stands out:

  • MailPreparer’s Hosted Framework
    • Simplifies integration with all USPS services, including Market Dominant Products.
    • Reduces the need for extensive IT resources and ongoing maintenance.
    • Ensures seamless updates to stay compliant with USPS changes.
  • Comprehensive Support
    • Allows fulfillment providers to offer a full range of USPS market dominant products.
    • Enhances service offerings and meets diverse client needs.
    • Provides a competitive edge in the logistics market.
    • Timely support and expert guidance when needed.
  • Reduced IT Burden
    • Eliminates the need for continuous development work and updates.
    • Frees up IT resources for other critical business operations.
    • Minimizes risk of service disruptions and compliance issues.

The Benefits of Implementing MailPreparer

Adopting MailPreparer offers numerous benefits for fulfillment providers and 3PLs:

  • Cost Savings
    • Drastically reduce shipping costs for clients.
    • Pass savings on to clients, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Improve profit margins by lowering operational costs.
  • Operational Efficiency
    • Streamline shipping processes and improve accuracy.
      • Easily create repeatable job configurations with a single click
    • Reduce manual labor and potential for errors.
    • Enhance overall productivity and service delivery.
  • Client Retention
    • Meet client demands for comprehensive USPS services.
    • Reduce client churn and enhance client relationships.
    • Attract new clients by offering a broader range of shipping solutions.

TEC Mailing Gives Fulfillment Providers a Competitive Edge with USPS Market Dominant Products

To stay competitive, fulfillment providers and 3PLs must utilize USPS market dominant products to meet the growing demands of their clients. These services offer significant cost savings, increased flexibility, and improved operational efficiency, which are essential in today’s logistics landscape. Clients are increasingly seeking these USPS services for their cost-effectiveness and reliability, making it crucial for fulfillment providers to incorporate them into their offerings. Without them, any fulfillment provider or 3PL risks losing clients to competitors who can provide a more comprehensive and efficient shipping solution.

TEC Mailing provides the industry-leading platform solution for integrating USPS market dominant products seamlessly. MailPreparer simplifies the complex integration process, reducing IT burdens and ensuring compliance with regular USPS updates. TEC Mailing also provides solutions to enhance data quality with Verify and Confirm, minimizing forwarding and returns caused by incorrect addresses on every shipment. This leads to better overall client satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and fewer disruptions.

TEC Mailing’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the shipping industry ensures that fulfillment providers can stay ahead in the competitive logistics landscape. For more information and support, call TEC Mailing at 866-379-9437 or submit your request on our contact us page and discover how MailPreparer can transform your shipping operations, providing a competitive edge and meeting the evolving needs of your clients.


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