Nearly every industry that produces large volumes of mail has specific challenges to address. We’re not the same tired vendor that’s everything to everyone; we’re as unique as your challenges.

How so? We partner with companies that actually target specific challenges with effective outcomes; TEC’s role is handling the obligatory nature of list processing as an embedded feature. We provide the tools to assist in the standardization, cleaning, and updating of name and address data and subsequent presorting, if needed. This approach has several favorable outcomes: ease of implementation, streamlined workflow and the reduction of capital and operational expenses.


CRM Applications

What if you could standardize and correct your data at the point of entry as an embedded function or update your existing database? We help you get more out of your CRM by protecting the life blood or your organization; your data!

Billing & Statements

TEC Mailing’s Web Services API seamlessly plugs into nearly any Customer Communication Management system, yielding a superior delivery performance and enhanced postal savings.

Commercial Printers

Our solutions will help you get a greater utilization from your capital equipment and labor resources by streamlining your workflow. TEC Mailing Solutions has the widest range of tools and solutions for the commercial printing market.


Reduce risk, get a head of fat fingering mistakes and ensure deliverability with point of entry address validation using TEC Web Services API. TEC’s Web Services API never needs updating.

TEC Mailing Solutions