Who Do We Help?

Every industry that produces large volumes of mail has specific challenges to address. But at the end of the day, all successful mailings depend on one thing: accurate name and address data.

How much is return mail costing your organization? Did you know that return mail costs an average of $3 per piece in operational costs alone? That translates to $4.3 billion across the U.S. each year for just First-Class mail. But the true cost is staggering. Studies show the true financial impact of return mail can exceed $50 per mail piece.

TEC wants to make return mail obsolete.

Regardless of size, if your organization maintains name and address data for communication or delivery purposes, TEC has the software solution to help maintain it. We assist in the standardization, cleaning, and updating of name/address data and subsequent presorting, if needed.

The advantages of TEC solutions are significant: ease of implementation, streamlined workflow, reduction of capital and operational expenses, top-level name/address data quality. Because our solutions are cloud-based, everything is accessible to you and your team 24/7 from any platform anywhere in the world.

TEC Mailing Solutions has customers in a wide range of verticals, in particular, those who process high volumes of mail. While other software companies sell one-size-fits-all packages, we have different solutions for each sector.



Commercial Printing/Mailing

Alpha Graphics has a reputation for their advanced technology stack and has seen great process improvement since recommending TEC Mailing. Switching to TEC helped them overcome turnover and has allowed more of their stores to get into higher-margin mailing work. Ask us about MailPreparer®, the premier web-based alternative to desktop mailing software.

Financial Services

Still running on an AS/400 or I series IBM? Easily connect with TEC through a hot folder. Eliminate your mailer headache with existing architecture that requires limited IT resources. Establish your Sftp connection, and we’ll do the rest. Ask about our hot folder set for IBM I series.


The city of Detroit leverages CASS directories to identify vacant lots through our data appending services. And the City of New York has been using our services for years. Ask us about MailListCleaner®, the industry’s easiest and most comprehensive web-based tool for address hygiene.

Health Care

Epic Systems and Cerner dominate the health medical records industry. In a single year, our Primesort™ solution saved a single-print service provider over $1,000,000 in postage over their prior cost savings solution, not including the improvement in the reduction of return mail through superior address quality correction.


EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), statements, proof of mailing, and return mail are a special challenge for insurance providers. Have pre-composed PDFs that need to be mailed? We have affordable document re-engineering solutions that make sense for any sized insurance provider. Ask us about FlexStream.


Capital campaigns fuel every nonprofit’s success. We have the proven Web tools to help you overcome challenges unique to nonprofit fundraising. Ask us about MailListCleaner® for address hygiene or MailPreparer®.


Need an alternative presort method to leverage the best high-density discounts? Then you’ll need a DSF2 file, easily obtained through TEC’s code base. Ask us about our data services, which will help you keep your postage the lowest possible. Ask us about CCM and workflow integrations. We can tie into popular workflow solutions such as Solimar Systems, Quidient, and many others.

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