Integration Partners

Enfocus Switch Workflow™: The print workflow automation platform

TEC’s WS API provides a streamlined, icon-based system using a “drag & drop” user interface to build custom workflows, utilizing standard functions to expedite processes for U.S. name and address data. By simplifying and automating repeatable processes, Enfocus customers have increased quality and productivity while reducing operational time and costs.

Solimar Systems

This partnership allows high-volume mailers to leverage Solimar’s ability to combine like work into a single-ganged production, producing print runs with great postal efficiency. The TEC Mailing integration takes the concept one step further with these industry firsts:

  • True postal optimization; TEC’s output can be driven by business rules to parse mailings for direct present and commingle output with a single pass of data.
  • Cloud-based processing; end-to-end mail-processing, USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified, presorting, de-duping and more.
  • Modern architecture, all data directories centrally updated, no need to update CASS™ and presort directories.

Racami | Customer Communication Management, IT Services and Staffing Solutions

Racami’s Alchem-e™ customer communications, automation and integration capabilities are here to help simplify document production and distribution processes. To that end, Racami’s clients leverage TEC Mailings WS API as an embedded function, creating a seamless end-to-end environment.

DOPE360 Makes Direct Mail Simple – DOPE Marketing

The future of On-demand print and mail in a truly lights-out environment. From the collection of data, mail merge and imposition, the first human touch point is the traying of mail. Set up “Zaps for trigger-based mailing using Zapier, integrate Pixels and create automated customer campaigns. Run “end of day” process to gang mailings into a single print and mail run, allowing your customer to get presort discounts for small run mailings.



This is PrintReach’s web-based storefront service, giving merchants a tool to quickly generate shipping labels for all of their orders. It’s ideal for creating customized web-to-print storefronts for all of your B2B and B2C customers. And it makes the entire order management and shipping experience simple. Learn more »

Pitney Bowes Presort Services

Pitney Bowes Presort Services offers world-class mail processing services that deliver postage savings and delivery efficiencies for business mailers of all sizes. PrimeSort™, powered by TEC Mailing Solutions, evaluates your mailing files to determine the best qualification scenario to optimize postal costs, and to choose between, commingling, direct present or both through the hybrid option. Learn More »

FlexMail from Flex Systems

FlexMail is a variable data design and printing solution that lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer. Learn More »

Flex Stream

A document processing solution, that lets you add scan codes to your documents to be used by your inserter and manipulate and enhance the contents of your mailing. Learn More »

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Clean your CRM data leveraging TEC’s Web Services API in real time in the APP store, look for MailListCleaner.

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