Enfocus Switch™

TEC Mailing's API expands the power of the Enfocus Switch platform to deliver precision, performance and productivity. This streamlined icon-based system uses a “drag & drop” user interface to build custom workflows utilizing standard functions to expedite processes for U.S. and International mailings. By simplifying and automating repeatable processes, our customers have increased quality and productivity while reducing operational time and costs.

TEC's API enables a “hybrid” approach that uses both “on-premise” software and “in-cloud” services. Companies use the on-premise workflow software to build efficient workflows that integrate into their business processes. These workflows can invoke both on-premise processing and/or in-cloud services for USPS® CASS, NCOALink® and DSF2® address cleansing and PAVE® Gold mail presorting and tracking. The international address cleansing service includes support for over 220 countries. Companies can easily develop and deploy custom workflows in a matter of hours.

  • Provides automated "lights out" workflow capability allowing companies to optimize their data transformations and movement, increasing business process efficiency.
  • Allows companies to integrate both U.S. and International address cleansing, change of address, data cleansing, data deduplication and presorting into their business processes.
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop designer interface to build data quality workflows that include both custom functions and standard functions.
  • Standard functions include address cleansing, data cleansing, change of address, data deduplication and presorting.
  • Leverages USPS CASS™, NCOALink® , DSF2® and PAVE™ Gold presorting software.
  • International address cleansing for over 220 countries in Canada, Asia Pacific, Latin America and European countries.
  • Leverages the Firstlogic ACE®, DataRight IQ® USPS® CASS Certified™ ACE NCOALink® certified Mover ID and DSF2® Ready software and Match/Consolidate®platform

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