Verify & Confirm™

Know when & where your clients move before you ship with TEC Mailing Solutions Verify & Confirm™

Developed specifically for prescription/subscription-based supply chain and fulfillment, a lighting quick web call can instantly identify when packages are being sent to a prior address leveraging the National Change of Address data base. Whether you’re a subscription-based brand concerned with LTV or prescription-based operation providing lifesaving drugs, enhance your user experience while saving significant dollars in the process. The dividend on a one cent investment couldn’t be higher.

Cost-effective, timely delivery of every package depends on an accurate address containing elements that are Complete, Correct and Current. Accurately addressed parcels ensure a smooth CCC experience and eliminate returns, which applies to packages that are returned because somebody moved.

Prescription and Subscription shippers can finally prevent losses with a business process to ensure addresses are current as part of their fulfillment   process. The introduction of a simple Restful API to ensure parcels are delivered to the current location is an absolute necessity and yields one of the most impactful ROIs you’ll EVER make.

TEC Mailing Solutions’ proprietary Verify & Confirm is the solution, ensuring your address is current.

Case Study

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Eliminate Returns Before They Happen

  • Eliminate 100% of your returns when the client has filed a change of address
  • Saves ~ $682 for every 1000 packages shipped monthly
    • 41% move monthly X 1000 = 14 packages per month X $49 (industry average for a pharma return not including product)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint while improving your customer experience

*17% of Americans change their address annually

We make it happen with a simple restful API

Verify & Confirm™ is an absolute necessity for prescription/subscription-based supply chain.

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Cost of Sending to the Wrong Address

Cost of dispensing* $12.41
Cost to ship PSLW** $2.50
Cost to return First-Class Mail $5.50
Cost of Drug*** $6.68
Cost of Return Logistics $XX
Cost to dispense 2nd X $12.41
Cost to ship PSLW $2.50
Cost of Drug $6.68

Total $48.68+

* NACDS NASP NCPA COD DRAFT Report 01-31-2020 Final
** Lowest rate for USPS Parcel Select Light Weight (does not include drop shipping fee)
*** Using Lipitor as an example (bestselling pharmaceutical for one month)

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