PrimeSort™ is a game-changing postal optimization software. In partnership with a 3rd party commingler, this software solution means the mailing can be sorted to 5 digits and direct presented to the USPS. There is no cheaper discount available. Any balance that can’t be sorted to 5 digits comes out scheme sorted, making it easier for the commingler to process. No other software can compete with PrimeSort™.

It allows a WPF to output data in a “single pass” at the lowest possible cost. You could mimic this output with other software, but it requires you to run the list three times. True postal optimization is a unique, hybrid solution that allows everyone to reduce costs. And because it’s hosted, there’s added efficiency.

Ideal PrimeSort™ Market
Any organization that produces large volumes of statements and transactional work will see significant savings from PrimeSort™ – health care, utilities, nonprofits, financial management, insurance, and cities and municipalities, for example.


Benefits of Commingling

A major goal of a WPF is to merge multiple jobs and clients into the same mail stream in a completely automated process. It’s pure commingling, and it delivers massive savings to customers. Data is matched to the piece that’s being printed – not just name and address data but copy and creative content as well.

The job is presorted as it’s being manufactured to the maximum discount available from the USPS. It is the most optimized postal rate anyone can get.

Maximum Efficiency
How easy is using PrimeSort™? As easy as putting a file in a hot folder. There’s also huge potential for enhancing the delivery time of your mail, because if you direct present to the USPS, you shave days off the delivery.

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