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Recipient of PRINT18 “RED HOT TECHNOLOGY” Award

We help organizations move forward with the latest hosted integrated address hygiene, data appending, deduping and presort capabilities. Our solutions won’t shackle your IT staff with rigid adoption of onsite applications, additional servers and rack space.

We have a better way and it just may be the easiest IT decision you’ll ever make.

Behind every one of TEC’s web based interfaces or embedded solutions (i.e. FusionPro) is a series of web services that preforms the heavy lifting. Powered by proven data quality and presort solutions. TEC’s Web Services API is virtually future proof. Based on SOAP/XML calls to handle large data sets, TEC Web Services API can be integrated using the language of your choice.

User Guide & API Reference

TEC WebServices API

End Users…do you dream of building your own “lights out” environment to run automagically?

Standardized inputs allow you to automate the entire list processing function. Sold in modules, Web Services API has the flexibility and power most commercial printers demand; with no software to load and maintain.

Integrate only what you need:

Industry’s leading CASS engine

  • TEC WS Address Hygiene module
  • TECs WS {address hygiene} API allows you to:
  • Use anywhere on ANY machine, MAC, PC, Linux, I365
    • Standardizes Address Data
    • Locatable Address Correction LACSLink processing
    • USPS® CASS™ Certified Processing (Standardized Address Info)
    • Appends Zip Codes
    • Appends Zip+4
    • Appends Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC)
    • Appends Carrier Route information
    • Appends County data
    • Provides USPS® CASS™ (Form 3553) Summary Report
    • Corrects/Appends Suite information – USPS® SuiteLink

NCOALink (National Change of Address)

  • USPS® NCOALink™ Processing (Address Move Info)
  • Appends NEW address information (1)
  • Qualifies for USPS® Move Update Requirements
  • Appends Move Type (Individual, Family, or Business)
  • Appends Move Effective Date
  • Summary and Statistical Move Reporting

PAVE Gold presort engine

  • First, Standard (Marketing), Periodicals, and Package Services
  • Palletization
  • Pallet Placards, Sack\Tray tags, etc…
  • Dynamic Drop ship planning
  • Mail.dat
  • All required USPS postal Paperwork
  • DSF2 -Walk Sequence (Saturation Mailings) (Optional)

De-Duplication/merge purge

  • Flags duplicate records using extensive AKA (also known as) libraries

Geocoding – Centroid or Rooftop

Mail Piece Tracking

  • Produce and track the uniqueness of each IMB
  • GrayHair’s backend visibility tool

How it’s different than server side “tool kit” of “developer kit” applications:

Server/client side vs. Hosted

Every toolkit product is a derivative of the application provider’s desktop solution. The toolkit is basically the guts of the solution without the user interface, there’s a benefit when performance is an issue because there’s less overhead for the server to load. Understanding the derivative nature of “toolkit” products may make you wonder why the desktop applications they’re based from are a fraction of the cost when they’re essentially the same thing. Server-side application APIs also have the same trappings of their desktop cousins; requiring constant updates, maintenance, extra servers and rack space. TEC is and always has been an API first company, in fact, our other solutions like MailPreparer are built on top of the API.

Contact us today for code samples that are available in many different coding languages, and access to a customer test environment to get started.

Software application vendors

The business case is clear and the demand is increasing, incorporating address hygiene and presort services in your MIS, W2P, VPD or CRM is a matter of time. However, doing so presents a myriad of challenges and takes a subject matter expert to get right. You can rely on TEC to ensure success; no other vendor has our experience to embed these services into your existing platform(s).

We help with:

  • Defining the scope of the project and Proof of Concept (PoC) – don’t get bogged down with the USPS requirements or discover in your PoC that server side “tool kit” applications can’t be provisioned over multiply entities without a team of integrators. Hint: Server/client side software kills adoption
  • Project manager – Integration is a team sport and we want our partners to win. Our subject matter experts take the mystery out of USPS compliance and other data related issues and understand the specific needs of the data focused industries. Hint: You NEED a mailing Sherpa!
  • Sand Box – Free setup and use of our test environment without obligation
    The industries only N+1 API – Success with you integration hinges on several factors but none bigger than provisioning and subsequent consumption. TEC {WS} API has the ability to seamlessly add users without vendor/client interaction, simply turn the services on with a subscription or pay-as-you-go. Hint: This is where most server/client side PoCs fail.
  • Flexible subscription pricing – You help provision the services through integration and we make sure they’re consumed with our fair subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing. Hint: The high cost of server/client API’s creates resentment from the buyer

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