Traditional Services

Easily expand your operations with experienced labor and reduce the headaches of internal list processing.

The ever-changing postal regulations and procedures not only increase your costs, but give you frequent headaches. What if you could stop worrying?

Imagine a one-stop mailing and distribution service provider that has an unequaled, comprehensive solutions package. Envision a true partner that finds hidden savings and profits by way of efficient processing and delivering mailings in the best way available; one that is there for you no matter what. That’s us. TEC Mailing Solutions.

We provide mail producers and mail owners with full-service consulting, list process, and mail management solutions. We partner with our customers to ensure their mailings are done in the most proficient and economical way possible.

Our unmatched expertise and technology make us the leading integrated mailing resource for your business.  By choosing us, you can focus on what you do best.

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Augment Your Resources

As so many mail producers and mail owners look to squeeze costs, skilled mailing resources are often an area companies find themselves lacking. This limited depth of knowledge often exposes organizations to either an inability to meet demand in higher productions periods and/or a single point of failure where the complete success of your business lies on the shoulders of one employee. TEC Mailing Solutions has constructed a highly successful program to help companies deal with the ups and downs of variable production.

Lower Your Total Costs

TEC’s deployment of resources across multiple clients, coupled with integrated proven production tools has allowed TEC to create an efficient work environment that is unparalleled by traditional service bureaus. Contact us today to learn how.

Some of the Services Provided:

  • List Conversion
  • Address Hygiene (CASS™, NCOA Link, DSF2)
  • Merge\Purge
  • Geo-Coding
  • Presort
  • Personalization
  • Inkjet and Cheshire Output
  • Unique coding for Full-Service Intelligent Mail
  • Generate IDEAlliance Mail.dat® for upload to USPS PostalOne!®
  • In-house co-mailing and co-palletization
  • Drop Shipment planning and optimization
  • Confirm Tracking and Reporting

TEC Mailing Solutions