Postal Optimization

Cloud Technology

The mailing industry has arrived at the pivotal juncture to encompass technology like never before. Specifically, it’s ripe for cloud technology. Through cloud-based software, we achieve success every day for TEC clients. Here’s how:

  • No software installation or updates – period.
  • Meeting list-processing demands with API-driven programmatic mailings.
  • Marketing automation systems and meeting the demand for account management.
  • Full-service intelligent barcode uniqueness.
  • eVS Certified ParcelPrep shipping software – includes Nesting/Tracing.

Our systems ensure accurate management of postal accounts.

TEC offers a variety of hosted presorting solutions that offer savings opportunities to mailers of all sizes.



More than $57 billion in postage was collected from commercial mailers through permits, meters, and PC Postage in 2019. The better you sort your mail, the lower your postal rates. This is particularly critical for high-volume mailers across all industries.

To presort mail means to sequence it by zip code order to achieve a postal discount. If you can count, you can presort your mail by zip code. Postal optimization goes way beyond presorting. Think presort on steroids. It’s preparing your data to achieve the lowest possible costs using business rules logic, often with the assistance of a 3rd party co-mingle provider.

Don’t confuse “postal optimization” with “marketing optimization,” which deals with measuring marketing campaigns. True postal optimization helps customers realize maximum postal savings. In fact, the cost-savings potential of postal optimization is tremendous. And it’s a TEC specialty. One of TEC’s customers, a statement producer, saved over one million dollars in postage by switching to TEC’s Postal Optimization solution over their previous cost-savings strategy.

Simple: you get maximum postal savings. You can use one or all of the following TEC solutions for presorting and postal optimization. Plus, a single TEC account manages data across all platforms.

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