Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Streamlined List Processing!

Are you interested in increasing your list processing margins?  Does your company want to manage more with less, while increasing the number of services provided to your customers?  TECAgora® is the right solution for you!

TECAgora® is the TEC Mailing Solutions (TEC) web-based mailing lists processing interface.

Leveraging TEC Mailing’s proprietary solutions, you can do more with much less!

TECAgora® was designed and built with one thing in mind… streamlining list processing production. By automating, consolidating, and improving many of the common steps required, a list processor can significantly increase productivity. 

Leveraging stored templates, configurations, and customer details, everything from file load to inkjet output is completed in a snap!

TECAgora® is built on TEC’s proprietary centralized database management system.  Users can create, process, store, and reference existing and past production jobs utilizing the dashboard interface.

When combined with TECArcadia®, TEC’s customer service interface, TECAgora® operates on the same instructions and database as the CSR who created the job.  Costly errors associated to rekeying data are virtually eliminated. The instructions, data files, reports, and outputs are stored and can be accessed by both interfaces in one central location.

TECAgora® is not software. It is a managed pay-as-you-go service. There is no software to load, no servers to manage, and minimal training required. Additionally, as a service, you can leverage the experienced staff at TEC Mailing Solutions to do as little or as much as you need, when you need us. Either way it is on the same system.

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TEC Mailing Solutions’ web-based services offer your company the ability to leverage a dedicated full-services list processing company’s experience and proprietary systems while performing these functions at your convenience and your schedule.

In addition to TEC’s on-line services, you have the added assurance of having TEC’s resources available to operate on the same platform to complete your work in times of need.

Some of the features of our web-based services are:

  • “Pay-as-you-go” fees
  • No up-front licensing!
  • Total project management system, not task based “single process” functionality
  • Multiple interfaces that are user/rights based controls
  • Online file management system for input, output and reporting
  • Native File type upload
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Dbase
    • Delimited
    • Fixed length text
  • Easy to use file conversion and field mapping tools
    • Automated field mapping
    • Custom definition of fields
    • Function-based field creation
    • Search and Replace functionality
    • Nthing records by various methods
  • Real time address hygiene processing
    • CASS
    • NCOALink
  • Best in class merge/purge dupe elimination
    • Straight forward methodology driven
      • One per individual at address
      • One per last name at address
      • One per address
      • One per individual at business
      • One per business
    • List/Priority controlled
  • Presort for USPS qualification
    • Every class of mail
    • Palletization
    • Automatic creation of tags & placards*
  • Integrated Entry Point Optimization (Drop ship mail to the right location at the lowest cost)
    • Automatic entry point selection based upon your rules
    • Unlimited number of entry point/freight rate tables
  • Integrated Full-Service Intelligent Mail Unique Piece Identification Program
    • Automatically manages the Full-Service piece record ID for 45 day unique requirement by Mailer ID.
    • Supports multiple Mailer IDs within a single mailing event
  • Output formatter
    • Supports virtually every commercial inkjet format
    • Support many common file output formats (Delimited, Fixed Text, Dbase, etc..)
    • Output format can be switched easily without changing design
    • Unlimited design layouts per output
    • Integrated proofing/reporting

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